Kurdish Drivers

Are the worst.  I have seen some gnarly traffic and some heinous insanity on the road, but that is just the way the traffic works.  In that lest sentence ‘works’ is the operative word…it is craziness but it works because it is part of a system in which all drivers on the road participate.  In Cairo it seems like chaos but it darted and swam like a fish in a river.

Kurdistan is not that.  Its not the driving that is insane, but the drivers.  They are horrible.  Miserable.  Careless.  Reckless.  Dangerous.  When I drive here I don’t enjoy it…I dread the commute to the office in the morning because I know at least 5 people are going to not watch the road and almost hit me with nothing I can do about it.

Why am I writing about driving?  Because it is easier than writing about the history and memorials we have seen regarding Saddam’s mass murders and killings.  Easier than trying to encapsulate what it means to live in a region that has a growing post-islam mindset.  Easier than griping about not knowing what is next in our lives since we are done here in the next 3-6 weeks.

But we will tackle those hard issues soon…I promise.


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