So, here we go…

Well, maybe I overstated it…its not like it is an enormous change…in fact, for most of you it will be an unnoticeable change…but it’s a big change for Bethany and I…

WE’RE MOVING TO SUDAN….AGAIN!!! I officially resigned from my role as the Area Coordinator with ARC International this week and accepted a position with Samaritan’s Purse International Relief in…Sudan!

What? When did this come about? Well, Bethany and I have been discussing the future lately and, given a variety of circumstances, have decided to move on from our respective employers. To be honest, Bethany could probably stay with TPO quite a bit longer, but it is really my circumstances that have led us to this decision. It was such a hard decision to come to since ARC has some of the best people I have ever worked with, but it was time to go…

Are you going to come home?! When? I know that is what you are all asking, but just hold on a minute!

What will you be doing? I (Brian) will be the Program Manager for the East Sudan programs which are in their infancy. Eventually the focus will be relief food distributions, agriculture, water/sanitation, nutrition, and a small field hospital. It is young, so a lot of the job will be government relations, program/project development and proposal writing, and a little bit of everything else!

So, what about Bethany? There is nothing secured at this point, but it is likely that in the next months a position with the organization will open up that matches her interests and abilities. Also, the position is accompanied so Bethany and I can move there together without any problems.

So where exactly is this East Sudan you are speaking of? East Sudan is technically the NE part of Sudan. We are moving to Kassala town in Kassala State which borders Eritrea…

Yellow = Central Equatoria State/Yei, where we are now

Red = Kassala Stae/Kassala town, where we are going

Grey = The country of Eritrea

Blue = Darfur area…no we aren’t there, near there, doing anything with it, etc.

What is it like there? Apparently it is hot.  This week average low is 77, average high 95.

(I would put more pictures but my computer is tweaking)

OK, looks neat…so when are you coming home? We will be arriving in the US on the 3rd of September and leaving on/around the 26th of September for Sudan again.  In that time I and possibly Bethany will have to spend 5 days in North Carolina for Samaritan’s Purse orientation, but the rest of the time we will be soaking up time with family and friends, eating good food, drinking good beer (the culture in the north is entirely dry), and seeing everyone we can.  It is a short time, but we are going to do our best to see everyone we can!

So when are you moving back to the US for good?  When are you going to have babies? sigh.

OK, hopefully that whets everyone’s appetite!  Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Brian and Bethany