It Begins…

Hello, Friends and Family!

Oh where to begin…As many of you know we have been pursuing moving overseas for some time, and we are excited to let you all know that it is finally happening! Two weeks ago Brian accepted a permanent position with the American Refugee Committee in the city of Yei , South Sudan . Brian will be the Area Coordinator which is a position with a full mix of HR, Logistics, Finance, government/donor liaising and Program Coordination. It is a HUGE step up for him and the fulfillment of his years of work.

Brian has already been working for the headquarters of the American Refugee Committee since March of 2006 and has traveled to Kosovo and Sudan twice each with the organization. While in Sudan , Brian was able to meet the people on the ground and to gain a strong understanding of the situation and the needs that ARC’s South Sudan program has. Upon his return to the US in May we had a feeling that it would not be long until something more permanent came around for us to move into.

At the start of August, the Area Coordinator job opened up and Brian applied and interviewed for the position. We actually received a phone call with the job offer while in the baggage claim area in the Las Vegas airport on a vacation with our friends Luke and Ali. We just kind of looked at each other and laughed and enjoyed the weekend together with our friends ( Bethany got to see Celine Dion on the stage…”amazing”). On the flight back to Minneapolis , we finally sat down and really talked it through. A major complication that we faced was that due to the security level and UN regulations, Bethany cannot move to Sudan until she has a volunteer/paid position. This would mean 1-6 months apart if Brian accepted the role. As we weighed the pro’s and con’s It became evident to both of us that this really is the next step for us and that the risk of a long time apart is really worth it…

So, Brian accepted the position the next day. He is leaving for Sudan October 4th. Bethany will stay in Minneapolis , train her replacement at Bordertown and begin her hunt for a volunteer role in South Sudan .

That’s the nutshell. We would ideally have a chance to sit down with each of you individually, but it is obvious that time just won’t allow it (sorry Omaha !). So we are having a little bon voyage party at Bethany ’s parent’s house in Sunday, September 30th. We will be barbequing, hanging out, and trying to explain all that our future holds between 12 – 5 that day.

That will be the last week Brian is in town, so if you have time, please stop by. If you are interested, please drop an email our way and we will get you the directions you need.

We will have a blog page set up shortly that details what we’ll be doing and what our life is like!

We love you all and we hope to see you on September 30th!
Love and Peace,
Brian and Bethany

p.s. Please send this to other friends and family. We don’t have all of the e-mail addresses! Thanks!